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Harlem Recordings HRCD-013

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01. Life Will Humble You (Hustinx-Milligan)
02. Crawlin' Up To The Surface (Hustinx-Milligan)
03. True True Love (Hustinx)
04. Good While It Lasted (Hustinx-Bodine)
05. Welcome To San Antone (Hustinx)
06. I Won't Surrender (Hustinx-Milligan)
07. My Soul - My Inspiration (Hustinx-Milligan)
08. That's Where I Draw The Line (Hustinx-LaRoche)
09. Down The Road (Hustinx-Bodine)
10. Why Do I Keep Loving You (Hustinx)
11. Walkin' Waste Of Time (Hustinx-Bodine)
12. The Rains Came Down (Hustinx-LaRoche)

Produced and arranged by Jack Hustinx
All songs written in Austin TX
All music recorded in Austin TX & The Netherlands

© Jack Hustinx 2016